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The Basics of Quality Childcare

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When your little one needs childcare or preschool programs, you as a parent obviously want to make sure that what you are paying for and what your child experiences are of the highest and most professional quality. Quality childcare is advertised frequently, but is not explained all that well.

Any facility or individual can claim that they provide quality childcare, daycare, or preschool programs. How can you be reasonably certain that what they claim is the reality? Keep reading to discover some of the basic elements of a quality childcare program.

Quality Childcare Preschool Programs

Quality Childcare
Quality Childcare Programs allow your child to grow and learn!

A quality childcare facility will offer engaging and age specific programs for your child, such as preschool and toddler programs.

When considering a childcare facility or organization, it is important to survey the programs they offer and whether they cater any of them to the age group of your child. A preschool setting is obviously not going to be good for a toddler; and a toddler setting is no place for a preschooler.

Make sure that the program is sufficiently engaging for your child and offers quality activities that will challenge your child intellectually, emotionally and socially. If done right, a good childcare program or preschool will impart upon your child skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Teacher/Student Ratio

A quality childcare center will have a good teacher/child ratio. The teacher/child ratio is simply the number of children in a class or program per instructor or teacher. A ratio of 1 teacher for every 10 children is consider to be an okay ratio for preschoolers. However, according to the experts, toddler and infant care programs require a ratio of as little as 1 teacher for every 3 children.

And to get the prestigious NYEC accreditation, the preschool teacher/child ratio needs to be better than the average 1/10. When choosing a childcare facility, make sure that the teacher/child ratio falls within the accepted limits. Here is a teacher/child guideline to help you out.


A good teacher/child ratio means very little if the teachers and caregivers are not experienced and certified childcare professionals. While looking for that perfect setting for you precious little one to grow and learn with other children, make sure that you do a decent review of the teachers and staff. Ask the director about any training courses they have taken, safety certifications earned and what their philosophy on discipline and teaching is. In most cases, a quality childcare center will happily provide you with this information.


Preschool Accreditation from an early childhood education organization is one of the best indicators that a childcare center or preschool is offering great childcare. The accreditation process is usually very rigorous and requires the organization to submit to a number of requirements in all categories of early childhood education best practices, safety and philosophies.

The accreditation process acts as a very diligent advocate for your child, checking for many thing that parents just don’t have the time to think about. An accreditation makes sure that all the things above are checked off and more! One of the most prestigious accreditations is the NYAEC.

Parent Testimonials

Once you have reviewed the above elements of quality childcare, you may want to ask some of the parents who send their kids to the center what they think. When it comes to their children, parents very rarely hide how they truly feel. Parental testimonials about a certain childcare facility or preschool are a great way to back up your overall review of the center. And you might make a few friends too!

Quality Childcare at ABC Academy Jackson.

With a prestigious accreditation certificate from the NAEYC, ABC Academy Jackson is dedicated to providing you and your child with outstanding and quality childcare experience. Our certified and trained professional staff hold degrees in early childcare education. The programs at ABC Academy  in Jackson are designed to prepare your child for kindergarten and school success! Come check out our programs and contact us today!

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