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ABC Academy Family Communication

Communication between our teachers and our families is one of our most important goals.

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We are committed to creating a strong home and center connection by developing a process of open, honest communication with you regarding your child’s development and experience at the center. This includes a continual exchange of information between you, the center staff, and management.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Communication between our teachers and our families is one of our most important goals. For this reason, families are always encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher during drop-off and pick-up times. However, we also offer a more formal setting for families and teachers to connect. These parent-teacher conference sessions are offered two times each year: in the Fall and Spring. Our Fall conferences provide an opportunity for families and teachers to get to know each other better and to plan goals for the next year. In the Spring, teachers and families will meet to discuss each child’s progress and to establish new goals.

Curriculum Newsletters

Additionally, families receive a monthly newsletter from the Center Director and Classroom Teacher which includes a summary of the month’s planned activities and ways that parents can extend their child’s learning at home. This includes facts about our curriculum topic to discuss with your child, the words to the songs we’re singing, the signs that we’re learning, and more!

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Electronic Communication

It is important that everyone who cares for your child has a sense of his or her daily experience, both at home and in the center. Staggered scheduling of staff makes the Parent Electronic Communication System a critical communication link. The emails will give you a sense of your child’s day and keep you informed about his or her experiences and may also include a picture of your child in action. Parents may also send messages to your child’s teacher before arriving at the center to share information about your child’s morning to help with drop off time, making it easier for you to head off to work.

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