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Age 4-5

ABC Academy Pre-K Program

Inspiring a love of learning

Fostering a child’s innate curiosity will set them up for success in academia and in life—that’s why promoting a lifelong love for learning is something we strive towards every day at ABC Academy. By setting goals based on the Early Childhood Standards of Quality of PreKindergarten from the Michigan State Board of Education, our Pre-K classes focus on achieving academic milestones and developing social and problem-solving skills.

Program Highlights

We use a child-focused, research-backed curriculum that supports early learners. Our learning environment encourages children to explore learning materials. Children build academic, social, and emotional skills and become part of a classroom community.

  • Pre-K students have access to ample learning materials, giving them variety and agency over how they spend some of their time
  • Our predictable and active schedule teaches Pre-K students to anticipate what is next in their day and show initiative

Collaboration between children is important. Each of our Pre-K classrooms is equipped with state-of-the-art multi-touch Smart Tables designed to foster cooperation and interactive play.

  • On the Smart Tables, children can dive into math, literacy, social studies, science, and more in an engaging, exciting new way
  • Smart Tables save children’s conversations during play, so teachers can listen back and evaluate how each child is developing
  • Teachers use Smart Table recordings and assessment tools to plan individualized educational activities for each child

Every child is in a different place on their learning journey. We use individualized assessment and planning strategies to provide a comprehensive Pre-K program.

  • Assessment provides parents and families with critical information about their child’s cognitive, physical/motor, language, and social-emotional growth.
  • We offer age-appropriate lessons and have realistic expectations of each of our students.


A young girl crafting a rainbow with construction paper.

Great Start Readiness Program

Funded by the state of Michigan, the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a free preschool program for eligible families with 4-year-olds (children must be 4 years of age by September 1). Offered at all six of our locations, GSRP classes are held Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. until either 3:00 or 3:30 p.m.

A boy playing with a lego set.

A Typical Day

Throughout the day, kids in Pre-K have a blast while learning the necessary skills for kindergarten. Our typical days are structured so that our students build confidence in literacy, social studies, mathematics, science, and more—ensuring they’re ready for what lies ahead on their educational journey.

Greeting Time

Every morning, children gather for Greeting Time, a daily, large-group circle time where everyone learns what’s in store for the day. During Greeting Time, teachers read the morning message board, preparing Pre-K students for their full day at the center. It also provides an opportunity to work on letter recognition, math skills, or enjoy stories, songs, or fingerplays.

Small Group Time

After that, it’s small group time, where children may choose activities from a variety of thematic learning centers, including math, science, and language activities. In their small groups, they engage in planning time, where they share their plans for areas to explore during the next period of the day, work time.

Work Time

During work time, children explore areas and materials in the classroom, with teachers using this time to capture anecdotal notes for individualized child assessment and planning future activities based on the children’s interests. They then enjoy time together outdoors, either taking a walk, playing games, playing on the outdoor equipment, or doing a special activity!


Children enjoy a family-style lunch setting (lunch is provided by the parents). After lunch, children clean up their lunch area, use the restroom, and enjoy quiet storytelling time before settling down nap time on their cots.


During naptime, teachers play soft music while the children sleep. Children who are awake during this time may read books or explore naptime kits, small baskets of quiet toys to enjoy on their cots! Upon awakening, children use the restroom and are served a family-style snack. Then, it’s on to small group activities (planned based on the interests of the children during morning work time), expanding their play and learning. Next, children enjoy more outdoor time (weather permitting) before coming in and enjoying music and movement activities during large group time. Children can select songs from the classroom songbook or choose movement activities to enjoy as a group. Active learning continues as the children engage in more work time filled with strategies for supporting the child’s development.


Children enjoy a late afternoon snack and engage in quiet activities until parents arrive, when caregivers share information of the children’s day with the parents.

My son has been with ABC Academy for 2 years now. I can honestly say my son feels at home there. He is currently in the GSRP program, and is excited every day to go to school!

Angie Z., Parent Laurence Ave Center

ABC Academy is a great, trustworthy place for your children. I have 3 kids who have attended ABC and I love the environment, the staff and the program they offer the children. They make a positive impact in the lives and future of the kids.

Aubree L., Parent Concord Elementary School Site

I started my daughter at the ABC academy’s location in Concord 3 weeks ago, and it was an amazing decision! I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in her, within the past 3 weeks. She has gotten better with counting, recognizing numbers and letters, and following directions while in class!

Mariah R, Parent Concord Elementary School Site

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Pre-K FAQs

What is the staff to child ratio?

The staff to child ratio is never more than 1:12. The GSRP ratio is 1:8, with a maximum of 18 children per group.

At what age should my child attend pre-kindergarten?

Your child should be 4 years old by September 1 of the current year in order to attend pre-kindergarten

How is Pre-K different from Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is typically for children who are five or six years old, and the lessons they learn are in preparation for first grade. Pre-kindergarten is for four-year-olds, preparing them for kindergarten.

What will my child eat?

ABC Academy offers breakfast and two afternoon snacks each day . We ask that you send your child to Pre-K with a lunch marked with your child’s name and the date (unless they are in the GSRP program, in which case lunch is provided).

How do you communicate with parents?

We use an electronic family communication system where families receive daily reports that detail their child’s classroom activities, pictures of their little ones having fun, and more. We are committed to ensuring the utmost communication between our caregivers and our families.

What items should I bring from home for my child?

Here is a list of items to bring to the center to help your child be comfortable. Please label every item. Parents are responsible for laundering their child’s extra naptime bedding and extra change of clothes when used, these will be sent home regularly. We encourage you to provide a family photo prior to your child’s first day of school. The photo will be attached to your child’s cubby area to identify his/her personal space and to help your child with transitioning into our program by having a picture of their loved ones nearby.

  • Complete change of clothes
  • Lunch labeled with your child’s name and the date
  • Special blanket (optional)
  • Seasonal clothes for outdoors
  • Family Photo

How can my child grow with ABC?

At ABC Academy, we believe that every child deserves a safe place to grow at their own pace. We meet our children where they are developmentally and foster environments conducive to helping them reach their milestones. By planning around the individual child at every level of care, we foster growth in children as young as 2 and a half weeks old, all the way through twelve years old.

How do you accommodate children with disabilities?

Before a family enrolls their child in ABC Academy, we meet with families to discuss any disabilities or individualized needs a child might have coming into the program. That way, before care even begins, we can ensure that we can put into place any added extras that a child might need—from individualized education programs to special equipment. These pre-enrollment meetings can also include meeting with doctors if a child has any medical needs we should be aware of.

How can I ensure my child will be safe?

At ABC Academy, your child’s safety is our top priority. That is why we partnered with Secured Education Consultants, a company owned and operated by former US Secret Service Agents, to help us take our safety and security to the highest level possible. Our building is secure with limited access—each family has a unique door code to unlock the front door so that we know exactly who is picking up which child. We take extreme precautions surrounding child pickup to ensure that only approved family members can pick up children after the day is over. We also mandate that our staff complete annual health and safety training and certifications. Read more about our safety protocols. Read more about our safety protocols.

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