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Kindergarten Readiness

9 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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A parent’s job is never done, and one thing most parents worry about is education. Your little one is getting ready to start Kindergarten, you should consider summer school to help your child prepare for the journey. The following are nine ways that a summer enrichment program can assist with preparing your child for Kindergarten.

  1. Correct Behavior for Kindergarten

Parents will likely ask questions like, “what does my child need to know for Kindergarten?” This is a fair question, and etiquette may not be the first thing you think about. A Child should act a certain way at school, and going to a trustworthy preschool in Jackson, MI should help instill proper school etiquette before Kindergarten starts.

  1. Get them Accustomed

Kindergarten prep | ABC Academy in Jackson
It helps kids adapt to being at school

Going to school for the first time might be a little scary at first. Your child has been at home most of their life but then everything changes. Going to pre-K should help your child feel better about attending a full day of school later on.

  1. Reach Social Goals

Up to this point, your child probably played with you or your partner. Perhaps, he or she even played with toys, but pre-K will give your child an opportunity to interact with other children. This can help develop your child’s social skills. Cooperation and empathy are lessons the human brain learns by being with others.

  1. Authority is Established

Kids can have a hard time understanding authority, which is where pre-K can help. Having your child attend school in Jackson can help refine your child’s understanding of authority. This way the teacher can enrich your child’s mind without him or her disrespecting authority by screaming or being impolite.

  1. Gives an Educational Boost

Of course, one of the biggest reasons you want to send your child to pre-K is to help them academically. Some kids in Kindergarten may not have been exposed to pre-k academic lessons. However, your child will have the advantage by going to pre-k. Helping them breeze through Kindergarten and learn even more since they will be a step ahead.

  1. Learning Strategies

All children are different, and they all learn at different paces. The instructors in charge of pre-K programs like the one in Jackson, know how to identify your child’s way of learning and will help enhance those skills. A child that knows how to learn will have an easier time when they finally start school. No one should have to struggle to learn. Give them a boost by enrolling your kids in Kindergarten preparation classes the summer before school starts.

  1. Language Boost

summer enrichment | ABC Academy in Jackson
Talking to other adults improves language

Kids learn language based on what they hear at home. There is a chance that other parents talk differently from you. Your child will be exposed to words you may not use at home. This means they will have an opportunity to expand their vocabulary by simply introducing the child to others. Having a larger vocabulary will make school easier for your child, and that is a great goal.

  1. Being a Good Citizen

Enrolling a child into a trustworthy preschool in Jackson is a good way for them to meet different kids. Schools are quite diverse. Your child may also be introduced to different cultures. This is a positive thing, as it will teach them about the different people that exist in the world. It might even excite curiosity, which is one of the best traits a child can have. It encourages questions. Educators welcome questions as it is one of the most effective ways to learn.

  1. Experience

You may have done an activity or two today that involved learning something new. Humans learn through experience, and going to pre-K is definitely an experience that your child will learn from. Some of the points mentioned earlier, will enhance your child’s education along with experience. Interacting with others and learning how to use academic tools will be helpful.

These are just some of the reasons why summer school is recommended for children, especially if you want to give your them a boost from the start. Consider enrolling your child early because pre-K schools run out of spaces quickly.

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