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Great Start Readiness Preschool Program

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As a parent, you want the best for your child. You have probably spent many hours searching the internet and other resources for information about child development, potty training, how to keep your child safe and how to ensure you provide your little one with the best educational opportunities possible. You may have run across the numerous studies indicating that quality preschool programs have a beneficial impact on academic success and you want to know how you can provide your child with such an opportunity.

High Demand for Quality Preschool Programs

Great Start Readiness
The Great Start Readiness Program gives all children the preschool program they deserve.

Because preschool education programs are so vital to the future of children, there has been an increase in demand for these programs. And because these programs are labor intensive and are accompanied by a great deal of regulatory and overhead costs, the price of preschool programs has continued to rise, leaving many families with no way to pay for preschool education.

The Great Start Preschool Readiness Program

Fortunately, the state of Michigan decided to help offset the cost of preschool education programs for qualifying families and children with the great Start Readiness Program. The Great Start Readiness Preschool Program helps lower income families provide their children with the preschool programs that they deserve.

How it Works

Administered by The Michigan Department of Education, funding for The Great Start Preschool Readiness Program is distributed to each intermediate school district. The intermediate school district then establishes the preschool program locally at local preschool providers. The money doesn’t just go to any preschool program. Only local preschool and childcare centers who have a reputation of providing quality programs are selected to participate in the Great Start Readiness Preschool program.

Impact of the Great Start Readiness Program

This emphasis on quality has resulted in the Great Start Readiness Program being praised by experts for its beneficial impact on the children who participate. According to a summary of impact studies released by the Michigan Department of Education, “Great Start Readiness Programs showed significant impact on increasing at risk preschool children’s early literacy and math skills.” Further, another study of the Great Start Readiness Program revealed that children who participated in the program tested significantly better on math and early literacy skills than children who did not. These studies dovetail with other studies that have pointed to the benefits of preschool programs on the educational success of young students.

Great Start Readiness Program
Great Start Readiness Program at ABC Academy Jackson

Great Start Readiness Program at ABC Academy Jackson

ABC Academy Jackson is dedicated to providing quality and engaging preschool and daycare programs and believes that all children deserve the best. In keeping with this mission, ABC Academy Jackson offers the Great Start Readiness Preschool Program at all three of our locations.

Using the research based HighScope Curriculum, children who participate in the program are guaranteed the highest quality preschool experience. As part of the program, children are introduced to American Sign Language, Children’s Yoga, Music and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Matt) enrichment programs. In addition, because of the high quality of ABC Academy Jackson programs, the center was one of four Jackson County Great Start Readiness Programs to run a pilot of the GrapeSEED English Learning Program.

Voted Jackson’s best preschool in 2015, ABC Academy’s mission is to provide your little scholars with the best place to experience the first steps up the academic ladder. Come by and visit us or contact us online or by phone! We are looking forward to meeting you and your little scholar!

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