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Meals & Nutrition

Inspiring healthy eaters one meal at a time.

Child holding a cup of blueberries.

Mealtimes are just as important to a child’s development as playtime.

Inspiring Healthy Eaters

Between nourishing their bodies and developing important social skills like taking turns and sharing, every meal is an opportunity for growth! Teachers also sit amongst the children during mealtime and facilitate conversation, further developing children’s vocabulary and interpersonal skills.

The most important meal of the day served the ABC way! Every day, our toddlers, pre-schoolers, and Pre-K students are served family-style breakfast that will either consist of fruit and juice or cereal with milk and juice. Children eat breakfast all together in their classroom, allowing for morning socialization.

*Children enrolled in the GSRP will be provided Breakfast.

Lunchtime at ABC Academy is a fun time for children to eat and socialize. Every day, children eat lunch together in the classroom. We ask that parents provide their child’s lunch each day, marked with the child’s name and the date.* Be aware of certain restrictions: for example, we have a strict no-peanut policy, and for children under 4, choking hazards such as hot dogs or grapes must be cut up into small pieces.

*Children enrolled in the GSRP will be provided lunch.

ABC Academy provides two family-style snacks in the afternoon, one right after naptime and one around 5:30 before pickup. These snacks range from fruit and vegetables to cheese and crackers, with 4 rotating menus that keep kids interested. We choose our snacks carefully to ensure they’re nutritious choices—for example, we don’t serve juice with every meal/snack to make sure the children don’t have too much sugar.

*Children enrolled in the GSRP will be provided snacks.

Infant Feeding

Our trained teachers are able to administer infant feeding on a customizable schedule based on your infant’s needs! Infants are fed throughout the day as needed, with lunchtime usually occurring around midday. We ask that parents of infants supply prepared bottles (please label each bottle with your child’s name, contents of the bottle, and the date) each day.

A caregiver holding the hand of an infant.

Food Allergies & Special Instructions

Before the first day of school, parents must complete this Child Information Form which provides an area for parents to note any food allergies or special instructions.

A girl holding a glass of milk.

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