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What is Infant Child Care?

Story time with young toddlers.

Being a full time or part time working parent is a tough situation. You want to be there for your newborn infant as much as possible and share in the joy of growing up, but you also want to be able to provide for them and save for their future. Many families and parents are locked in the circle of this parental paradox, especially in today’s economic climate. And many find that enrolling their child in an infant child care program is the best option for their child, their future and their finances.

Benefits of Infant Child Care

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Fun and games with ABC Academy Jackson infant childcare!

If you decide that child care for your infant is an option, you should know about the benefits that your child will get from the program. The benefits of infant childcare encompass the full spectrum of child development. Quality infant child care programs will focus on four main areas of child development.

  • Sensory Motor Development includes large and fine motor skill development. Large motor skills include balance, motion and, as the child develops, crawling and walking. Fine motor skills include finger and hand grip strength and object manipulation.


  • Language Development is the developmental stages of speech acquisition. It is facilitated by infants listening to people speaking. Infants will move from crying to babbling to pronouncing a few prominent words.
  • Social-Personal Development is the development of the infant’s sense of self. This is aided by interaction with other children
  • Cognitive Development is the development of the ability to play games and follow simple instructions.


A quality infant child care program will be designed to foster and aid the development of all these skills.

Infant Child Care and Safety

Infant Child Care
The safety of your precious infant is our top priority.

While most infant child care programs are safe, they are not all created equal. A childcare program that is accredited is required to submit to a rigorous set of training and facility standards over and above those required by the state or local regulations.

One of the most important factors when considering the safety of an infant childcare program is the child to caregiver ratio. This ratio is considered to be one of the best predictors of both the safety and quality of the childcare program. An NAEYC accreditation, one of the most prestigious and rigorous child care accreditation in the United States, requires that the facility demonstrate a 1 child care provider to 3 children ratio.

Infant Child Care at ABC Academy Jackson

Infant child care is a great balance between educational programs and day care supervision for your precious baby while you work. At ABC Academy Jackson’s three locations – Lansing Ave., Laurence Ave., Emmons Rd. JC – we believe that infant child care is a balance of professional supervision and educational child care. Our infant child care program is designed to nurture the cognitive and physical development of your child overseen by our professional and caring staff. Take a look at our child care programs online, contact us, and get your child the care she deserves.

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