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STEM Education Programs to STEAM Education Programs

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Providing your child with the best educational opportunities is your most important duty as a parent. You know this. And you likely spend a great deal of time researching what, where, when and by whom your children should be taught. There is a lot of information out there – and, unfortunately, disinformation. Sifting through it all can be hard in itself. But if you are also trying to raise a family, time is limited. So keeping up to date on the latest findings in educational practice is probably not in your wheelhouse. So we thought we would help. In this post we will briefly introduce you to STEM education programs, what they are and how a recent change in thought has made these programs even more important.

What are STEM Education Programs?

STEM Education Programs
Start your child off on the right foot with early STEM education!

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Over the last couple of decades, education policy in the United States and many other developed nations has shifted from emphasis on a broad “core” programs to more specific programs. Several initiatives at the Federal, State and local level have sought to encourage students to participate in STEM learning and pursue college education in STEM related fields.

The rise of STEM education is a reaction to the needs of a modern economy. Jobs and fields that require knowledge of science and mathematics are projected to expand and increase at a rate that outpaces nearly every other field. But, unfortunately, not enough students were not – and are not – getting the opportunity to enter these programs due to their limited availability. STEM initiatives have helped to close this gap.

Who is STEM for?

STEM is for every student who wants to pursue it. But it is especially suited for students who are shown to excel or take interest in their math and science courses. And while STEM programs were first developed for college education in the math and sciences, they have trickled down to high school and grade school and are even showing up in the kindergarten classroom.


Building on the success of a targeted curriculum in the sciences, STEAM programs add a area of study that is neglected by traditional STEM programs: art and design. STEAM is STEM plus art! Researchers have found that not only is art and design a great way to improve overall academic success, but it also used in some of today’s top and emerging fields, including UX and web design. Art is not dead, and it is not a waste. At least that is what the research says.

STEAM Summer Camp Program at ABC Academy Jackson

ABC Academy Jackson is dedicated to keeping on top of emerging trends in education and providing children the opportunity to explore STEAM education. Partnering with the Harvard-Smithsonian Youth Astronomy Network, ABC Academy Jackson is offering an astronomy focused STEAM summer camp program in 2016! The STEAM program also incorporates art and design activities into the program curriculum for a well-rounded summer learning experience. Come check out the summer STEAM Academy program and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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