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Morning And Afternoon Fun For School-Age Children

Our After School & School Out Programs provide a safe and fun environment for all students (up to 10 y.o) to participate in academic, leisure and recreational activities outside of the traditional school hours. Students learn to look at their work with curiosity, independence, responsibility, initiative, creativity, a willingness to take risk, perseverance, and they learn to ask questions. They develop skills that meet the objectives in language and literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, technology, and the arts. Through their studies, they learn to function as contributing members of a community.

Program Highlights

From science to social studies, our teachers are here to help children with any homework they might have! We also make sure there is plenty of time for independent and outdoor play!

  • Children learn cooperation and gain confidence from working with an adult on difficult problems
  • Children enrolled in afterschool programs often get better grades and learn good homework habits
  • Children can further develop their gross motor skills by playing sports and outdoor games
  • Playing with other children outside of school means more opportunities to make new friends
A group of children doing a wheelbarrow run on a grassy field.

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