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Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

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Preschool can be an exciting time for you and your kids. This moment might be the first time that your little ones are going to school. You’re preparing to spend more time away from your kids. On top of that, you are trying to get older siblings to figure out how to get ready for school after a break. Keeping some of the following tips in mind can make the change smoother for both you and your little ones.

Start a Routine

back to school ideas for parents
Get your child excited about going to school

Setting a routine is one of the most important back-to-school tips for preschool parents. Your kids might be used to sleeping in as late as they want. If they are going to a trustworthy preschool in Jackson that starts early in the morning, they will need to wake up early. Since you still have time before school starts, practice now. For example, start waking your kids up a few minutes earlier every day. You should also decide what will happen after your kids wake up. Cutting out time for television or electronics is a good idea. Start them off with a healthy breakfast and dress them as soon as they wake up or finish their meal.

Make Them Excited

Most parents tell their kids that they will start school soon. However, children that young don’t always know what that means. If older siblings go to school, ask them to talk to their younger siblings about what school is like. You can also start a countdown to their first day to get them excited. Some schools may offer an orientation program where your little ones can see the building and even meet new friends. One of the important back to school tips for preschool parents is not to make school sound scary. Some children are also very attached to their parents. Talking too much about how they will spend time away from their mom and dad is not always the best idea. Instead, you can talk about the activities that they will do in school. If your kids like to paint, tell them how they will get to paint in preschool.

Don’t Hang Around

On the first day of preschool, your children might cry for you. The teachers will likely encourage you not to stay. Leaving when your kids are upset can feel difficult, but it’s the best move for them. If you continue to stay at the school, they may continue to cry. They may cry every day because they know it will get you to stay there. When the teachers ask you to leave, realize that they have experience with children who cried for their parents in the past. If you are willing to follow the guidance of the teachers, you may discover that your kids are happy within a few short minutes. If you decide to stay, it could take weeks for them to get used to preschool.

Expect Tiredness

Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 5 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In
Talk to your child about going to school

Another one of the important back-to-school ideas for parents is to plan for naps after school. You may be trying to get your kids out of the habit of taking naps and while it is a useful goal in the long-term, they might fall back into napping when they start preschool. Remember that this experience might be the first one they are having in a school setting. Spending all of that time playing and learning can make them feel tired. Make sure that you plan a routine with naps. If they start to nap too close to their bedtimes, they might stay up later and have trouble waking up in time for school.

Focus on Health

When you are trying to balance a new activity in the schedule, you may lose your focus on health. Be sure that you are packing healthy snacks for your kids. You may want to reward them with ice cream or cookies, but think about how doing so affects them in the long-term. When you are looking for tips for preschool students, you should keep their health in mind. They may have allergies to certain products. Speaking to the school is absolutely necessary. You should also start to teach your kids about their own allergies. If they have a serious allergy to a product, you should tell them. Make clear to them that they are never to take snacks from other students. You may have many emotions if your kids are starting preschool soon. Letting those emotions show is important. Taking the time to focus on logical points is also important for success.

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