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Importance of Friendship for Kids

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When was the last time your kids played with other kids outside of school? Parents can of course set up play dates, but real friendships for kids have become rarer. Ironically, the advancement of technology has brought people closer through social media, yet people often tend to feel isolated at the same time.

What appears to be missing in the equation is the human factor – human interactions and relationships we form outside of the internet and school. Unfortunately, these types of connections seem to have declined when compared to previous decades, for both kids and adults. If you have WiFi at home, you may notice how the members of your household don’t want to go play outside anymore.

The sad reality is that kids have become more and more isolated in the age of technology. We may remember the benefits of enjoying childhood without smartphones getting in the way, and we want the best for our kids. We want our children to experience the joy of finding friendships outside of the internet and to go out into the real world and interact with other children, just as we did back in the day.

The fact remains that childhood friendships should not be taken for granted, as they offer more benefits to your child than just playtime.

Let’s dive deeper into this subject as we look into the importance of friendship for kids.


Fond memories of childhood

A lot of us may have had fond memories of playing with childhood friends around our neighborhood and in school. Friendships that are formed at a young age provide some of the most precious and unforgettable childhood memories.

You and your childhood friends may grow up together or you may grow apart at some point, but one thing that’s clear is that your childhood was made memorable because of the time you spent with these friends. These memories stay with you, and no one can take those away.

Conflict Resolution

Establishing friendships is easy, but keeping them takes work. As much as we want to maintain these relationships by focusing on just the fun aspects, conflicts can’t be avoided completely. Friendship for kids helps prepare them to handle real-life conflicts with grace and teaches them to resolve conflicts through peaceful means so as to not cause strain on their friendships.

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Positive Social Skills

Giving children opportunities to spend time and converse with other kids is the key to helping them develop positive social skills.

Positive social skills are just some of the greatest benefits of friendship for kids. Friendships teach children life skills that can’t be learned at home.


As children experience friendship, it teaches them more about themselves and helps them establish their own identity among their peers. Friendship also helps children learn important life skills like sharing, sensitivity towards other people’s feelings, and listening.

Friendships can also help boost your child’s confidence and self esteem. We can’t stress enough how important friendships are for children, especially when they begin at an early age.

Help your child go out there by organizing opportunities for them to meet and interact with other kids. Opportunities may include planning a local diner, or meeting up at a playground or just interacting at school. Any opportunity is a chance for children to enrich their social skills.

Participating in Collaborative Activities

When children participate in opportunities for collaboration and teamwork during group activities in class, it allows them to work with other people. Children gain important experiences as each member actively takes part and performs his or her role. Help your child hone this skill by letting them participate in group activities such as sports, dance classes and others.

Having close peers for support

Raise your hand if you can think of one or two people you can call your “best friend”! Adult friendships, no matter how complicated they can get, evolve as we grow out of our environments and move through each phase of our lives. Don’t you find it comforting to have someone, or even a couple of people, with whom you can maintain close friendships?

Everybody needs a friend to whom they can speak, someone with whom they can share their dreams, aspirations and frustrations, and to have around when needed. It might seem early to have those concerns, but kids need this type of friendship too. Having close peer connections is essential for a child’s sense of belonging, and it helps to keep children from feeling lonely and isolated.

It’s never too early to make friends, so let your kids grab any opportunity they can get to meet other kids and learn about others. Healthy friendships are a sign of being a well-rounded individual. Don’t let your kids miss the chance to experience these life-shaping opportunities.

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