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7 Amazing Benefits of a Sensory Table that Make Learning Fun

Two children playing with a sand table.

Sensory play is one of the best ways to aid in the development of your child. In fact, you may find a sensory table being used in your local Jackson preschool. A sensory table is basically a table full of materials that get children to use all five senses. The table is set up to let children learn and engage their senses by interacting with everything that is being presented to them. Here are seven benefits of letting children play with a sensory table.

Benefit #1: It Helps Kids Develop Their Fine Motor Skills

sensory table benefits ABC Academy JacksonMany Jackson child preschool and day care centers will integrate physical activity into their programs. They do this as it helps children develop their general motor skills. But few Jackson preschool centers factor in fine motor skills. It is one of the essential development skills for children. Sensory tables demand fine motor skills as kids have to use their hands to interact with objects. They’ll play with whatever is on the table. They will handle balls, pour sand, mold clay, and grasp spoons. Playing with many different objects is enticing to children and helps them have fun.





Benefit #2: It Helps Kids Develop Their Cognitive Skills

One of the many sensory table benefits is that the tables help in developing cognitive skills. Kids will interact with the items on the table in ways that get them to count, organize, match, and label objects. It’s easy to observe how cognitively engaging it is to them when they’re given various tasks. The tasks and challenges that are often presented as games. Kids enjoy the variety of learning activities.

Benefit #3: It Helps Kids Develop Language Skills

For many Jackson preschool and day care teachers, sensory play presents the perfect opportunity to help children develop language skills. Children learn vocabulary by attaching words to objects. As a forward thinking Jackson preschool, we use the sensory experience because it is exciting and fun for kids. The sensory table serves as a great conversation opener. Kids are asked their opinions, challenged with tasks, and allowed to express themselves. All these activities engage and develop their language skills.

Benefit #4: It Helps Kids Develop Socially and Emotionally

Jackson day care and preschool teachers like using sensory tables  because it becomes a social activity. Kids are playing with together and engaging with each other in a positive way. They are expressing their emotions as they get feedback from the objects on the table. It’s natural for kids to express themselves as the objects engage their sense of sight, smell, sound, touch and in some cases, even taste.

Benefit #5: It Helps Kids Relax

If your child is often hyperactive or anxious, a sensory table can have a calming effect them. The objects on the tables tend to capture children’s attention and engage their minds. The kids are presented with strange objects like clay, new textures like rice, and alluring smells like popcorn. This engages and calms them. In fact, they often forget that they’re having fun learning.

Reason #6: It Helps Develop Your Child’s Creativity

sensory play ABC Academy JacksonThe great thing about a sensory table is there are no rules on how to use objects on the table. Children are given the freedom to do whatever they want with the objects on the table. The focus is on how children use the materials on the table rather than what’s created with the objects. This makes the learning process fun. Kids get excited as they experiment with different objects, colors, textures, weights, etc.







Reason #7: Gives Kids a Sense of Balance

Young kids are excited about the world and can often find it hard to sit still. A sensory table isn’t a structured learning environment with rules. That’s why kids enjoy the process. They’re allowed to express themselves and manipulate objects in a way they see fit. Because they have the freedom to do whatever they want, it helps balance their moods and minds. This makes them more open to other types of learning, even structured ones.

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