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5 Tips to Get Kids Motivated for Learning

A woman and a boy are sitting on the floor in a classroom.

Many parents can relate to the feeling of seeing our children struggling with school work and becoming frustrated because they are having trouble understanding the content. Not all kids are born to be strong students. While it’s true that a child’s willingness to learn plays a big role when it comes to his or her academic success, becoming a successful learner also requires a certain degree of motivation. As parents, we play an important role in helping to motivate our kids to learn. 

Motivation is a driving force that keeps children going, despite the difficulty of a task. Motivation often comes with a simple reward – the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment for completing a task, even in spite of a challenge. Motivation entails a level of confidence in a child’s own ability, believing that they can do well. Motivation is also fueled by the positive feedback and praise a child receives when he or she earns a high grade. Kids who feel motivated are more likely to persevere, even when things get tough. 

Since motivation to learn correlates with academic success, how can parents motivate their kids to want to succeed in school? Here’s a list of some proven tips and strategies you might find handy. 

Cultivate the habit of reading

A child who falls in love with reading is more likely to enjoy learning. Help your child develop a love for reading at a young age. Reading can benefit a child in several different ways.

For one, reading plays an important role in a child’s cognitive development. Reading helps improve children’s ability to focus and expands their range of vocabulary. Reading also helps foster creativity and imagination and is vital to a child’s overall academic success.

Help your little one develop reading skills by dedicating time each day to reading activities. Also, surround children with interesting reading materials they can enjoy in their spare time instead of turning to electronic devices for entertainment. 

Make study time fun and easier

Who says learning has to be boring? You can help your child enjoy learning by incorporating fun and games. Games can be effective educational tools for providing kids with more opportunities for deeper learning. They can also motivate kids to want to learn. When they engage in games, they are more likely to try harder and strive to perform at a higher level. 

You can also make study time easier for your child. Provide kids with everything they need to help them be more productive. Make sure children have a dedicated space for doing homework and studying. This spot should be cozy, quiet, and free of distractions. 

Create a rewards system

No matter how big or small, it’s important that parents recognize their kids’ efforts and achievements. Celebrate small wins by giving your child some sort of reward. Rewards don’t always have to be in the form of toys or other material items. You can recognize your child’s academic achievements with something as simple as a pat on the back or a loving gesture, such as a hug or kiss.

The important thing is that you don’t forget to recognize your child’s effort. Even if your little one falls short of expectations from time to time, recognizing his or her effort can help your child stay motivated to learn. 

Switch the focus to learning instead of performance

Another important tip to remember in order to motivate kids is to focus on the learning process instead of how they are performing. Academic performance is measured by grades, but good grades are not the sole measure of how much a child has learned.  Your child’s learning experience is equally important, and that’s something that all parents can help their kids understand. 

Focus on your child’s interests

Is your child interested in learning about the solar system? Or is he or she into reading? Why not focus on these subjects? Children are more inclined to do better in school if they’re given more opportunities to explore subjects of high interest. 

Learning doesn’t have to be limited to what takes place within a classroom. You can enhance your child’s desire to learn and keep them motivated and hungry for knowledge by following these helpful tips!

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