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GSRP Lead Teacher

ABC Academy is looking for a skilled GSRP Lead Teacher to teach the Great Start Readiness Program classroom for the 2021–2022 school year.

2021–2022 School Year

The role consists of working under the Program Director to plan, organize, and implement both approved and developmentally appropriate curriculum to enhance the growth and development of children enrolled in the program. The Lead Teacher must provide a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to the growth, learning, and success of children.

Representative Duties:

  • Assist and nurture in a caring, child care environment.
  • Assist in preparing materials for projects for all ages of children as appropriate.
  • Supervise all ages of children in indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Serve as a role model and encourage and support all ages of children and their parents; communicate with children, parents, and others.
  • Assure the health and safety of all ages of children by following health and safety practices and regulations
  • Perform other duties as required


Education and Experience

Any of the following:

  • A valid Michigan teaching certificate and an Early Childhood Education (ZA)
  • Early Childhood-General and Special Education (ZS) endorsement
  • A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or child development with a specialization in preschool teaching. The transcript will document a major, rather than a minor, in child development or early childhood education.

Knowledge and Abilities

Lead Teachers must possess knowledge of…

  •  Concepts of child growth, development, and behavior characteristics.
  •  Early childhood curriculum areas and appropriate methods of implementation.
  •  And Strengths in the following areas: cultural sensitivity, maintenance of a clean, safe, and orderly classroom, record-keeping strategies, oral and written communication skills, regulatory requirements and rules, and working effectively as part of a team.

Lead Teachers must possess the ability to…

  •  Oversee and be actively involved with activities appropriate for all ages of children.
  • Work effectively with individuals and groups of all ages of children.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions.
  •  Maintain rooms in an orderly, safe, neat, and clean manner.
  •  Assist children with personal needs.
  •  Nurture and care for all ages of children.
  • Maintain cooperative and harmonious relationships with all ages of children and parents.
  • Work confidently and with discretion.

License and Other Requirements

  • Valid First Aid and Infant/Toddler/Adult CPR certificate required.
  • Must complete 24 hours of training in Early Childhood Education annually to maintain position.
  • Michigan Child Care Background Check Consent and Disclosure.

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